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Whoa!What you two want now from me!!? Pixel! is not enought for you treat me like a girl!!?? and can you please tell 8-bits to stop looking me like that?? is creeping me out!!!


Pixel: You look nice like that hahahaha, you should wear makeup more often. The girl inside you is so dumb. I mean pretty. This was 8bit’s idea BTW.

8bit: Pretty.

Reblogged to the wrong one sobs

August tasks Teaser. 

More like the first page WIP but whatever.

I just want to focus on 8bit in this tasks. So this page is in the “past”. As in “8bit’s Past” But ok.

Who is that Eevee from the Path of Rain?

Why is 8bit smiling?

What are they saying?


Its amazing how the PMD-E story just fits amazingly. Or the other way around…

I also started 8bit’s gijinka but then meh. I cant draw hands sob.

8bit and Pixel are based of PYSWG. (i just read pig’s wig OMG) Panty and Stockings. But Veck is from Teen titans. Or Batman. At least.

K bai *shamefully leaves for a drink* 


Anonymous asked:

This is for 8bit: do you have crush on some one?

8bit : A crush? I’ve never crushed anyone before.

Pixel: He is talking about love. About l-liking someone.

8bit: I dont. Though I do like water. So I guess I respect water and ice type pokemon. Might be because I lived at Alomomola for such a long time and (yadayada) And there was this task were a really nice Vaporeon (blabla) Its amazing the fountain in Tao village has (etcetc)…

Pixel: You talk to much, you are so out of character.

Some NPC im gonna need for this months tasks. Say hi to Morgana the eevee and Hans the zoroark.

I guess Ill write some bios or description stuff. Eh.

Morgana Bit: She is somehow related to 8bit? She is really fashionable and loves to see Numa’s clothe designs. She works as a model at Alomomola. Her eyes are dark and give off a scary aura.

Hans Peter: He has a really familiar golden bead. He has been in Alomomola the longer. Nobody knows how old he is. But he is certainly very very old. You can see him over his beach house at Alomomola mumbling about old times. He has feels some sort of hatred toward the Kec family and Callahan for some unknown reason. He often travels with his niece to some Pozolish lands. So he knows Pozolish (PMD-E Spanish)



Collab between  *DarKluxia and *MilaMiya of our characters Dk and Pixel.

Think what you may. You might be right. Or not???

We did this for whatever reason you will never know as we dont even know why. Yeap.


You can totally tell our style, rigth? The half assed one (the zorua) is obviosly my doing. 


Dont ask why.

Silly me, reblogging to the wrong account…

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